Who we are

C.P Parking System is an offshoot of the private parking company, City Parkeringsservice Danmark, which has operated in parking since 1999.

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How the system works

C.P Parking System is a utility that is designed to optimise the enforcement of parking regulations by both private and municipal parking authorities in an efficient manner.

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1. Developed by people from the industry:

C.P Parking System was developed by parking operators for parking operators and is based on thirteen years of experience as a parking operator.

2. Optimisation:

With fewer errors and a more effective issue of parking penalties, this mobile charging system is a contribution to improving the efficiency of the role of the parking attendant, while increasing the turnover of parking penalties issued by the municipality or company.

3. Flexible processing:

Instant access to information and photographic documentation to back-office during the same minute that the penalty is printed, which is an obvious benefit in relation to case processing.

4. Panic alarm/ security:

C.P Parking System has integrated a GPS based panic alarm that the attendant can activate in an uncomfortable situation. The system can also be integrated with various alarm centres: the Police, colleagues or locally at the client's residence. This function improves security for parking attendants at street level.

5. Control/ Route history:

The actual location of a parking attendant can be found at any given time. It is also possible to produce route-histories for parking attendants with a view to optimising both patrol routes and staff resources.

6. Effective collection of penalty charges issued to foreign vehicles.

A solution for the collection of penalty charges issued to foreign vehicles is an integrated component of the C.P Parking System. In this respect, we work together with Transcom, which is a collections company specialising in the administration of unpaid parking penalties issued to vehicles registered abroad. This includes: Tracing, reminders and collection.
Transcom has established a unique network of collections companies specialising in the collection of parking fines, including networks in most European countries, as well as Russia, the USA and Canada.

7. Third-party systems can be integrated:

C.P Parking System includes facility of data exchange with third-party systems directly via hand-held terminals when inspecting parking. For example EasyPark, who have specialised in cellphone payment systems.

8. Effective, durable equipment which is economical to run:

Because the the software for the mobile device is an application that can be installed on any device with the Android OS, it gives the client greater flexibility by permitting the purchase of durable devices at a very reasonable price.

9. Fast and effective processing of changes:

Option of customer service and support up to 24 hours a day.
New functionality can be developed quickly, based on the requirements and preferences of the client.

10. Extremely user-friendly web-based Backoffice

Well-thought-out interface, with focus on productivity and rationality.