Who we are

C.P Parking System is an offshoot of the private parking company, City Parkeringsservice Danmark, which has operated in parking since 1999.

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C.P Parking System was developed by parking operators for parking operators – and is based on thirteen years of experience as a parking operator.

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How the system works

C.P Parking System is a utility that is designed to optimise the enforcement of parking regulations by both private and municipal parking authorities in an efficient manner.

C.P Parking System offers you access to the industry's most complete solution for the management of penalty charges for illegal parking.
Each year we process more than 100,000 penalty charges – we are therefore able to offer a management system / backup-office which takes its point of departure in customised solution models that meet the actual needs of the client.

The system is simple, user-friendly and particularly well-configured for functionality. It works as follows:

C.P Parking is a web-based system that is installed on a server.
This server processes all incoming data, including all issued parking penalties sent by the mobile units over a wireless connection.

The cellphone software is installed to an Android cellphone or other Android unit, after which it is possible to create a parking penalty and print it out.

It is thereby possible for parking attendants to gather data using the cellphone, which functions as a hand-held computer/PDA and which is able to print out a parking penalty on the connected printer, for placement on the vehicle.
Photographic documentation is ensured at the same time and is linked to the data that was input for the parking offence in question.
Communication between the mobile device and printer is via a wireless Bluetooth connection. Using these two devices, parking attendants are able to issue parking penalties in a way that is more efficient and with fewer input errors.

The software on the mobile device ensures that a series of checks are made, thereby ensuring compliance with criteria that ensure a professional procedure in the event of opposition and judicial follow-up.
This includes ensuring automatic observation of a defined surveillance period, correct indication of time on photo documentation and GPS monitoring of location for the stated time.

After a parking penalty has been printed out, all data is sent online via the mobile network to C.P System's server for fast billing / accounting, acquisition of data via the motor vehicles register and other case processing.

This provides back-office with instant access to information and photo documentation an the same minute as the penalty is printed, which is an obvious benefit for case processing.

Recipients of a parking penalty can settle the infringement at post offices, banks and via online banking, as all data and information is visible on the fine that the attendant has printed.

Payment information is acquired from the client's bank and will thus be registered automatically.


All relevant info contained in the application about penalties on the hand-held device, including photo documentation, is forwarded to the server.

The system acquires information about domestic registered vehicles automatically.

The system sorts between domestically and foreign registered vehicles.

If the penalty is not paid on time, the system will automatically forward foreign-registered vehicles to Transcom, which is an integral part of the C.P Parking System. www.Transcom.com

The system will automatically generate a reminder / reminder procedure for domestically registered cars, which can be configured according to the needs and requirements of the client, as well as applicable legislation.

The system effectively manages objections in the form of integrated-letter templates, which can in turn be generated in full compliance with the requirements and preferences of the client.

Photographic documentation is an integral part of the user interface and is easily accessible in relation to both verbal and written proceedings.

If penalties are not paid / concluded within own system within the time frame for payment, the case will automatically be forwarded to a collection agency, attorney or for recovery by another authority. All these parameters are configurable to the requirements of the individual client.
Collaborators selected by the client are able to gain limited access to relevant parts of the system for case processing or recovery.

Further benefits of our back-office are:

  • Web based, user-friendly user interface.
  • Extremely user-friendly and scalable statistical functions
  • Option of individual user-profiles with different rights.
  • Area descriptions with photo and overview map
  • Control and management of mobile devices within back-office itself
  • Automatic compilation of cases with errors
  • 100 % integration with all third-party systems in the form of web integrations, ftp file exchange and all other forms of systems communication.